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Modifications of the Warré hive and accessories

Originator (in historical order) Principal modifications
Roger Delon Floor, crown board and insulation, roof, wood/wire frame
Andy Collins Brood nest continuity, through provision for central combs to extend downwards into the next box. Thicker boxes. Shallower boxes.
Jean-Marie Frèrès & Jean-Claude Guillaume Window in each box, mosquito net instead of top-bar cloth, ventilated roof with bee-tight quilt that lifts inside roof to accommodate a feeder
Marc Gatineau Frames, closable entrance in each box, lift. For a selection of Gatineau-type lifts, see also lift.htm .
Gilles Denis Half-frame, conventional roof and crown board
Jean-François Dardenne Two-queen system in double Warré
David Heaf National hive roof design resized to fit a Warré
David Croteau 'Sump' on concrete slab instead of Warré floor, closable and ventilateable entrance in each box
John Moerschbacher 'Sump' on ground with mesh, experiment on octagonal box shape in 2009
Reviewed by Jean-François Dardenne Round and polygonal Warré-type (nadired) hives where the number of sides of the polygon is greater than four.
Floors, sumps and stands Mesh floors, floors for feeders and observation, sumps, individual stands, shared stands
John Haverson Top-bar comb inspection frame
Bill Wood Comb knife for removing top-bar combs from a populated Warré hive
Alex Templeton Modified quilt for improved ventilation under mouse board in roof
Jan-Michel Schütt Warré double-pitch roof using slate
Bill Anderson Warré hive insulation with wool inside fabric wrapping