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Warré Beekeeping
The double Warré hive system of Jean-François Dardenne

Jean-François Dardenne's extensive Warré beekeeping site in French features many variations on the theme. Dardenne's own variation illustrates using Warrés for the two-queen system.

Here the illustrations of that page are merely described. The first shows two 4-element Warré hives juxtaposed with the Frèrès-Gatineau windows on the same side as the entrances and facing in opposite directions. Both hives have closely related queens.

Instead of the Warré quilt, the two hives of identical height are each fitted with a crown board with a slot covered with a piece of queen excluder and linked by a tunnel fitted with a viewing window. The whole is covered with a roof.

The workers but not the queens can move freely between the hives. Dardenne reports that he gets three, not two, harvests. The configuration is suitable for the main flow, not wintering.