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Photos of Warré combs

Individual combs may be removed for inspection with the help of a comb knife. They may be placed on a holder for viewing.

Below are some examples of Warré combs removed for inspection. A few more photos can be found here.


Karman Csaba (Romania)

Below: wall-to-wall brood

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Below: pollen and nectar (glistening) cells together with capped honey and drone/worker brood

comb_photos_karman2.jpg (129241 bytes)

Below: A few pollen cells, capped and uncapped honey. Drone-sized cells bottom right.

comb_photos_karman3.jpg (141272 bytes)


Shawn Caza (Toronto, Canada http://beekeeping.isgood.ca )

comb_photos_shawn1.jpg (75062 bytes) comb_photos_shawn2.jpg (68788 bytes)


David Heaf (Wales)

Below: (left) capped drone brood; (centre) capped worker brood and a few larvae; (top right) honey partly capped

comb_photos_heaf.jpg (168398 bytes)