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Warré Beekeeping
Thomas Wildman (1734-1781)

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Wildman's hive elements are made like skeps, only open at the top. Round the top ring of straw is a wooden hoop on which to rest the top-bars. There are 5 main top-bars and two narrower and shorter ones at the sides. The elements are 7.5 inches (190 mm) high and 10 inches (254 mm) internal diameter. The top bars are a quarter of an inch (6.35 mm) deep and one and a quarter inches (32 mm) wide. There is a gap of half an inch (13 mm) between adjacent bars. Initially, two elements of the hive are populated. Further elements are nadired, i.e. added below the others, when required.


Wildman, T. (1768) A treatise on the management of bees. London.


We thank Martin Buckle for introducing us to this precursor of Émile Warré.